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 CocaColaScape Rules

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PostSubject: CocaColaScape Rules   CocaColaScape Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2012 11:20 pm

Server Rules for CocaColaScape

1. Respect and be polite to all staff members as well as all CocaColaScape players. Treat everyone else the same way you would want them to treat you. (Racism, flaming, and/or spamming of any kind towards other player will not be tolerated.)

2. Please DO NOT ASK for a staff position. Staff positions are ultimately decided by the CocaColaScape Staff Team, not by the public (although we do appreciate your input).

3. Do not ask staff members for items. The job of staff members is to moderate the game, not give players free items at every whim. Continuous instances of a player asking a staff member can result in a mute.

4. Level 3 trading is not permitted. If caught, action ranging from a tradelock to a temporary ban will be issued until all items specified by a staff member have been removed from the account. Repeated instances of level 3 trading can result in an IP-ban. (THIS IS YOUR WARNING)

5. Do not impersonate any sort of staff member under any circumstances. This will be punished with an immediate IP-ban.

6. DO not accept unknown forum or client download links from other people as they are neither safe nor trusted.

7. All glitches and bugs are unacceptable and are punishable. If you discover a glitch or a bug, REPORT IT so it can be fixed.

8. Threatening to spam or crash the server will result in an instant ip-ban, no exceptions!

9. Duping is not taken lightly. You WILL be banned regardless if you were part of the problem or not.

10. Accepting duped or spawned items from any player is against the rules, don't accept them and you will not be a part of the problem. If you are unsure about whether a certain item is a dupe or not, ask a staff member!

11. If a staff member tries trading you a duped item, report him/her immediately! (make sure to have proof i.e. SCREENSHOT)

12. Advertising of other servers on CocaColaScape will result in an immediate ip-ban, regardless if you were joking or not.

13. 1, 2, 3, or 4 iteming any CocaColaScape NPC's not permitted.

14. PKP cheating is strictly PROHIBITED!

15. Auto-Clickers are NOT allowed. Auto-Typers are permitted if you set the timer to 5+ seconds.

16. Glitch killing bosses or NPC's in anyway is punishable.

17. If you lose you items from a glitch or bug and do not have proof and a TRUE statement from a staff member, your items will NOT be reimbursed, no exceptions. (Proof includes images and/or videos.)

18. Do NOT trade RS accounts, membership pins or RS items on the server! We are NOT held responsible in any way if you get scammed. Anyone caught will be subject to disciplinary actions. Selling CocaColaScape items for Runescape items and vice-versa is not allowed. This is not so much a rule as a warning. If you choose to trade the items mentioned above, do so at your own risk.

19. Luring is not permitted. First time offense will result in a Warning; anything after a second offense will result in further disciplinary action.

Note: All rules have punishments that can range from a mark (warning) to a permanent IP-BAN. Nearly all of our rules are enforced first by a warning. Anything after a warning will result in further disciplinary action. Please follow all rules and on behalf of the CocaColaScape Staff Team, have fun!
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CocaColaScape Rules
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